Roadside Stop: Where the Hudson River Begins

Never underestimate the value of pulling off the on the side of the road to enjoy the view. Sometimes it’s these impromptu stops that are the most rewarding part of a trip.

Hudson River Last summer we found ourselves captivated by the view as we drove along a winding mountain road. We turned back and pulled over to get out and get close. A small wooden sign on a post indicated that the cerulean water that rolled calmly by us was, in fact, the Hudson River.

At home, we live with the river between us. Its broad expanse is part of our daily scenery, along with the barges and sailboats that cut through the current with ease. But here in the mountains, it found the same smallness that I did. Dwarfed by the high peaks that shoot toward the sky, the Hudson is humble and calm in its beginnings. It knows where it comes from.

Taking It In

We stood for a while taking photos, framing the final shots from our weekend in the forest. The air was cool and the sun hung low in the sky as we walked back to the car and settled in for the rest of the journey.

The Hudson River starts high in the Adirondack Mountains, at Lake Tear of the Clouds and runs 315 miles to the Atlantic. Named after Henry Hudson, the river is a key part of life in New York, and especially the Hudson River Valley.

I love living by the river, but getting to experience it up in the mountains is a whole different experience. Nearly a year later, that pitstop remains one of my favorite parts of the trip.

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