Small in stature, Heather’s anything but unassuming. Traversing mountains and wilderness sans shoes, she’s  all about extremes and pushing it to the limit. Really, she’s a wild card and you should be prepared for mayhem when she’s in the vicinity.

It wasn’t until an early morning hike up a particularly high peak that Heather even thought about hiking barefoot. Once she saw fellow hiker bounding up the trail without the requisite boots, she knew she had to investigate. It started with a pair of minimalist hikers, and then those got thrown aside too.

When she’s not climbing mountains, she works as a professional ghostwriter. No, she does not write about ghosts. Unless the money’s good, but really she’d write about nearly anything (and has!) if the money’s good. If you really want to write a book, but don’t want to actually write any part of it, she’s the one to go to.

She’s a dirty hippy and a damn vegetarian with strong philosophical beliefs when it comes to umbrellas, romance, and shoes. She loves wine, cheese, and tiny mountain towns where no one knows her name. TheBarefootHiker.com is her home for all things hiking and nature related.