My attention the last two summers has been on the Adirondacks, but this spring I have shifted my focus to the beautiful mountain range that’s right in my backyard – The Catskills. While not as tall as their extended family in the North, these guys offer their own challenges andRead More →

Once the disbelief settles, people often ask me how I became the Barefoot Hiker. While there’s no simple answer, it is probably rooted in my deep hatred of shoes – especially sneakers. I have always found them cumbersome and have never been able to shake the feeling that I amRead More →

It seemed the snow would never end. Even then, I am almost surprised at how quickly the feet of snow has melted from the driveway. My patio furniture juts from the remaining piles, seeing sunlight for the first time since December. I kicked off my shoes on the way toRead More →